Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Get your butt in a theatre seat

My boss made our entire office go yesterday during work hours, which should be a sweet Monday afternoon, but I'd been kind of steeling myself to see this thing, given my climate change psychosis.

But it is so inspirational and scary and PowerPointastic.

Really. Go.

The movie seems in part to be a perfect campaign launch for '08. Gore comes across as personable, inspired, informed, and incredibly ethical. He argues that we, as a nation and a planet, have an ethical obligation to curb the effects of global warming, which I think is the most effective way to present this argument to America (especially the religious part) in general. It's also helpful to remember that stopping global warming is a survival issue as well. Do you want to die? Well fine, then continue driving your SUV everywhere, buying electricity made from burning dirty coal, and not bothering to vote for dynamic leaders.

Frankly, slow suicide is way down on my To-Do list. I've got other things I'd rather do, like see Iceland before it melts, and those enchanting Camargue ponies that live in the salt flats in western Provence, and getting rid of the concrete in the backyard so I can plant more veggies, and seeing Jose Gonzalez play with Psapp on Saturday. Oh, and skinnydipping and thrift shopping. And writing more articles for Kitchen Sink. Yeah. So that's a good reason to do a little planet tidying. So we can get on with our own damn lives.

Al Gore. Who would've thunk it, with the coolness?


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