Sunday, April 30, 2006

Y'all Need to Help Me Raise My Brows

So, I've been compulsively taking notes on an as-yet-to-be-explicitly-discussed creative project; as my old friend Mark once said, "Watch what you talk about when you talk about your writing -- the gods are watching." So I'm not talking about this much. My computer's been in an Apple hospital in Memphis (this is for true, I swear, Memphis) since mid-month, and in the meantime, I'm sketching out characters and scenarios, doing reading for research, et cetera. Right now, I'm reading two things -- one comic, one painfully pulp -- that I feel can help me, but I'm feeling awfully low-brow in these choices. So I suppose what I'm asking for is suggestions.

Let me be more specific.

My project involves witches, and I'm rereading some stuff I've read before, and a few things I've always wanted to, to turn over other people's ideas and also to make sure I'm not ripping anyone off by accident (curse this photographic memory of mine). I'm curious as to what folks' favorite witch lit and cinema and such are -- comix, movies, novels, songs, poetry, nonfiction, whatever. I'm trying to immerse myself in this in the time I have without my own machine, and it'd be more fun with a little help from my friends.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who came to the Living Room this weekend. That was a really fun, entertaining reading. And no, I'm not just saying that because they made pie and I had a date -- I didn't get to eat any of the pie. I was too nervous.


Anonymous kaya said...

Pretty much Macbeth. Have you ever seen Roman Poalnski's version of it? Freaky, freaky shit. Also Throne of Blood, though the witches in that are more like bitchy women than straight-up double double toil and trouble types.

6:51 PM  

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