Saturday, May 20, 2006

KS hosts Rachel Sherman

Kitchen Sink Magazine and Open City Books Present
MAY 24 (Wednesday) 7:30pm
Pegasus Books
2349 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

Join us for a reading with Open City Books author RACHEL SHERMAN. Sherman’s debut short story collection, The First Hurt, trails women zig-zagging through the landscape between adolescence and adulthood, exploring the morbid sexuality that pervades the time as they go.
Rachel Sherman’s short stories have also appeared in McSweeney’s, Open City, Post Road, n+1, and StoryQuarterly, among other publications, and in the book Full Frontal Fiction: The Best of Nerve.

Open City Magazine & Books are published by Open City, Inc., a nonprofit corporation based in New York City. The editors, Thomas Beller and Joanna Yas, strive to keep the literary journal vital for each new generation by publishing a dynamic array of poetry and prose with a daring, youthful, spirit. The editors aim to add a voice to the culture that values wit, depth, and ingenuity, and, in particular, the exposing and elucidating of the human predicament which is often devalued by commercial publishers. Many writers featured in Open City's pages are being published for the very first time. In this brilliantly original story collection, Rachel Sherman evokes the wonders and horrors of a young woman’s life, from girl to teenager to adult, through crushes, sex, family, and the agonies and ecstasies of finding one’s way. The First Hurt heralds the arrival of a singularly fresh and remarkably assured new voice.


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