Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some More Favorites ...

This Sunday I'm totally tore up from three days straight of (not my own) wedding prep and partying and et cetera. It's finally over, and I'm trying to fend off the post-event doldrum drop by honoring a few Things That I Been Likin':

1. A Salon/AP dispatch regarding how they're celebrating the 6th day of the 6th month of 2006 in Hell, Michigan. Be sure to note how, in the last graf, the writer makes reference to the second of two "leading theories" as to how the unincorporated hamlet got its name -- but not the first.

2. Curry Plant. It's what makes the sweet, maple-like smell that wafts up from certain sections of Lake Merritt in Oakland. I've wondered what this smell is for at least four years, maybe more, and have even asked fellow strollers out at the lake, but, last week, the Rogue Reporter and I finally asked the one guy who knew. When we cooed and ahh'd over him, he replied, simply, "botanical knowledge," and walked away. So remember, guys, botanical knowledge impresses chicks.

3. Yahoo avatars. When they first introduced these, I immediately created my dream Burning Man girlfriend -- the lady I'd hop the fence for. I've recently created an avatar of myself, albeit with a giant caterpillar. It's kinda stupid ...Yahoo! Avatars but it reminds me of one of the best photographs I've ever taken, at Burning Man last year.

4. The UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. That's where the wedding was.

5. The Flying Burrito Brothers "Gilded Palace of Sin." Yup, it's summer.


Blogger CLAY BANES said...

summer's a little early.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Holy Shit. Curry plant! I for one am impressed. That was always my favorite part of the lake. Alas, now I am in London, so I haven't been there for ages. Memories!

12:56 AM  
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