Sunday, June 11, 2006

The blog's a-hoppin', so don't bother knockin'.

1. "You're a figure of fun, and I plan on having fun with that figure." Though Hank Rollins and I share a birthday, I haven't been a fan of his in years. Still listening to (and watching) him compose an Up with Liberal People mash note to Ann Coulter has pretty much MADE my hung-over Sunday.

2. I think I was still drunk when I woke up this morn-- er, afternoon and read this. Somehow I managed to keep down my chorizo, perhaps due to the secure knowledge that Wes Craven (or someone who'd like very much to be like him) will option the story for the big screen before 2006 is out.

3. Pillows. My new favorite local band. Unfortunately, the songs posted on their site don't do them justice, so go here instead so you can check them out live.

4. Birds and Batteries. My new favorite local band that my friend is in. (Think Grandaddy with an extra helping of the Band and the Bee Gees -- no, really.)

5. X-tra Action Marching Band. I know, I know, one of the weeklies already said so. But mon dieu -- my new old favorite band to get extravagantly drunk to.


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