Monday, March 27, 2006

Stuff It Like It's Hot

So, listen, y'all, it's like this: I used to enter the votes for the East Bay Express' best of contest, and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that IF IT WEREN'T FOR BALLOT-STUFFING, NO ONE WOULD EVER WIN. Most categories get about ten votes for honest, random favorite things (as in, one person votes for one business, another votes for another, etc.), and dozens of votes for ONE thing, usually all campaigned for. Like, businesses put out table tents and piles of newspapers, and make it very easy for folks to vote for them. So there's no shame in helping us stuff it like it's hot. So send this to all your friends, put it on your blog, et cetera.

Here's what I suggest:

Best East Bay product: Kitchen Sink
Most enviable person, place, or thing: Kitchen Sink
Best coffeehouse: Mama Buzz
Best Gallery Openings: Buzz Gallery

You can do it by registering and voting here:
Or just pick up a paper and vote like that (it's on page 28 of the current issue).


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