Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hey! It's the editorial favorites of the week after Sanit Patrick's day!

The KS blog has been sadly neglected by me (nice passive voice construction, huh? Let's try again). I've sadly neglected the KS blog this week. Hello, KS blog. Here are the editor's favorites of the week:

1) Waking up before 7am. This provides a person with an entire additional hour of time in her day. Also, before 7am my neighbors the chop shop owners are not yet grinding and pulverizing things. Peace and quiet, I adore thee.
2) Beards. According to the New York Times, beards are back. Coincidentally, Evan Rehill of the Conspiracy of Beards will be appearing at the next installment of our storytelling series, Telegraph Stories, on 4/23, and I've been reading a lot of John Berryman, who was possesed of one of poetry's best beards:

Being the daughter of a father with a big-ass beard, however, I find beards more avuncular than sexy. Just so's you know.
3) Girl Scout Samoas. They come, you eat a whole box in one day, they go again. Mysterious. Tempting. Dangerous. Real.
4) Ross, True Love Tattoo, Berkeley.
5) This party is fucked without the karate chop of love: Joshua Beckman.
6) Ada Limon. I opened for Ada last night and she's a total freaking doll. And a good poet, to boot. Ada, I'm really sorry about your cat. That's a total bummer.
7) Poetry family reunion hour at Joshua Clover's book party, 3/21. I have never seen so many people crammed into a stairwell taking notes. Also I dropped cashew nuts onto the carpeting at University Press Books and then ground them in with my feet.
8) Spring equinox in the Bay Area. One nice day, and then rain again. Our feet are becoming webbed.
9)Stefanie Kalem's upcoming puppet show, plus her blog chronicles of SXSW. Scroll down, read, be enthralled.
10) Embracing the fact that you will never look good in peg-leg jeans. Because you've already lived through the eighties once. Also: leggings revival? You're totally dead to me.


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