Wednesday, October 11, 2006


what would tyler durden dothe other night at a reading at our store a young lady (who publishes a local journal) mentioned something about websurfing at work.
i said, oh you have an office job. i remember those. you should check out this site and, too embarrassed to speak the words aloud, i began to write down TheSuperficial’s web address.
oh!, she said, i already read that. do you know gofugyourself?
yeah yeah, I said. and then she passed on this gem to me:
What Would Tyler Durden Do

what would he do, people? what would he do?

other required reading:
  • Walter Kirn and Gary Shteyngart debate what the role of the novel is in the age of the Internet. whatever, Slate.
  • These pictures of Agnostic Front headlining the last ever hardcore matinee at CBGB posted on BrooklynVegan are rad. just look at people's faces! would i have gone to this show? hell yes! but i would've hid in back keeping my booze safe and sound. rounding out the bill were Murphy's Law, Madball, Sick of It All, and Harley's War.


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