Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday evening...

'Nother quick update from this fabulous standing-room-only hotel lobby computer kiosk, with one fellow coventioneer to my right and a roundish, bespectacled little blonde boy (11?12?) playing "slime games," to my left, and talking very loudly to himself. "Oh, Argentina, you're so lazy Argentina." I don't wanna know, ya know?

Slept in till after twelve today, then cabbed it with Mr. Pockets to Twangfest at Jovita's, where I waited for food service (I'd slept through free breakfast by several hours) while Lucero and Marah played sets that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed, anyway. just too damn hungry to rock out; and Marah sounded boring till they busted out the keyboards. I can't help it -- when the rawk gets too straight-up, I just yearn to listen to the Hold Steady.

I finally got my enchiladas and beer (it's SXSW, dammit, and I'd already had a cup of coffee in the room) and ate it all up just in time to see a better-than-usual set by SF's Jolie Holland, whose music I love, but who, in every other set I've seen by her (three or four) has exhibited a Cat Power-like tendency toward shy underperformance. But tonight she did almost all-new songs, played with confidence, and even pattered a bittoward (though not exactly with) the crowd. Afterward, I chickened out of talking to her, but did manage to chat up her manager (also Sean Hayes' manager) and, in doing so, got to see and hear Jolie's mother up close -- I knew it was her, because she looks and talks just like her daughter.

Out to the patio, into the hot spike everyone had predicted -- 80 or 85, somewhere in there, and Pockets keeps telling me this is a desert climate but my hair's too big and wavy for that to be true-- and, under the shade of twisted trees, checked out Memphis' Glossary. At first I thought they fell into the too-straight-wish-they-were-the-Hold-Steady category, but I soon changed my mind when they busted into a very Bandesque number -- that's when I noticed the fine coed harmonies, the drummer's mic, and the pedal steel.
Now I'm off to Town Lake Stage, which is actually on the river, to meet up with an old girlfriend from Florida (who lives here now) and see Blackalicious (if I haven't missed them), Spoon, and Echo & the Bunnymen before heading out into the night. I think tonight I'll check out an all-Nordic lineup. Maybe there will be trolls there. Fine, bearded trolls. There will definitely be lotsa girls too dressed-up for this T-shirt and BBQ town, I can guarantee you that.


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