Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have such a new comics crush. It's making my heart feel all aflutter, bringing the pink blush back to my cheeks, my mouth form what it remembers as a smile, and my eyeballs rejoice in the feast.

MOME, put out by Fantagraphics (does Fantagraphics ever put out anything shitty?!?), was conceived "as a contemporary literary journal, though one that tells its stories via the medium of comics, rather than prose."

This wonderful constructed quarterly features a core roster composed of: Andrice Arp, Gabrielle Bell, Jonathan Bennett, Jeffrey Brown, Martin Cendreda, Sophie Crumb, David Heatley, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, John Pham and Kurt Wolfgang.

Their styles vary but placed together offer up a great selection of
what contemporary comics have to offer. I love a lot of the contributors--Jeffrey Brown's girlfriend trilogy killed me, Martin Cendreda's Dang! stole my heart, Sophie Crumb's Belly Button
was the weirdest/best thing I'd read in a while, and Jonathan Bennett's subtle style was forever selling out or disappearing before I could get my fill--
so I'm a little biased. Regardless, I still thinks it's well worth checking out and a noteworthy step for comics publishing.
Here's where it's at.


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