Sunday, June 11, 2006

celebrations for a gray day

What's up, Kitchen Sink blog? Looks like we've been slackish about updating you. My excuse is not that I've been out having summer fun, but that I'm teaching summer school, which is about as stimulating as a day spent in front of the tv watching 90210 reruns. Actually, I look forward to that day. Meanwhile, let me climb back on the editorial favorites horse for a second:

1) Love at First Bite Cupcakery and Bakery, Berkeley ( Everybody knows Kaya Oakes makes kick-ass cakes, but sometimes I'm lazy. Plus, a person with a two-person household can hardly justify baking up a dozen cupcakes when you're really only going to eat four or six. This places solves the problem. They bake up 10-12 varieties of cupcakes daily; I'm partial to the First Love (vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream); the Pretty in Pink (strawberry cupcake with strawberry buttercream), and, of course, the red velvet. Bonus: they make the best banana pudding I've ever had. It's upstairs in Walnut Square, Shattuck and Vine. And the girls who work there are a-freaking-dorable.
2) Best Tea Blends Cardamom Tea
This tea's imported from somewhere, but you can get it at Country Cheese (San Pablo at Allston). It's a cardamom-infused black tea, like an extra-strong chai. Excellent with milk at about 4pm.
3) Orqesta La Moderna Tradicion
Advertising: this is my husband's group, but I like them anyway (look, if you're dated as many musicians as I have, you're allowed to hate most of their bands). I went to see them on something like our second date nine years ago and was smitten. They play Cuban dance music from the 30's on. Very old-school romantic. Their CD release party is 6/16 at Community Music Center in the Mission. They're also playing a free show tonight at the Berkeley Main Library.
4) Poetry in Motion
Clay over at Eyeball Hatred reminded me of this 80's documentary about poetry, which can be rented from Netflix. Many naescent spoken-word types abound, most of whom are justifiably forgotten, but you also get your money's worth of Ginsberg (in his punk-rock phase, singing with a band), Berrigan, Creely, Michael Ondaatje (check out the DVD extras for his smoking version of "The CInnamon Peeler"), Burroughs, etcetera. Don't miss Ed Sanders of the Fugs and his musical tie.
5) Summer School
It's halfway over.


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