Thursday, May 11, 2006

good, bad, and gnarly

What's up, Kitchen Sink Magazine Blog? Did you know nobody Googles you or finds you on Technorati unless we type out Kitchen Sink Magazine Blog as a phrase a lot? Is there a macro for that? P.S. If you're reading it, could you do me a favor and type the phrase Kaya Oakes into your blog? And maybe hit me up with a link: I've got a book coming out. It's all about you. The book. It's a book all about the people who read this blog and how they are all sexy.

So, blog, I've been bad to you. I've been busy and you've been sitting here being nutured and tended to by people with much more interesting, informative things to say. But I have to take care of you too, blog, Kitchen Sink Magazine Blog. Here are a few editorial favorites for the week:

1) Gnarls Barkley. Cee-Lo Green in general.
2) Dylan is in the studio.
3) Neil Young, Living With War.
4) The upcoming Leonard Cohen tribute film.
5) Bush's approval rating at an all-time low.
6) Kitchen Sink Magazine issue 14, coming this summer. The cover is so pretty. The inside is nice too.
7) When all the cowboys rode away from Texas Ranch House en masse.
8) Danielle's gapped teeth (RIP) on America's Next Top Model.
9) That Jetta commerical where the dumb yuppies get hit by a car.
10) Daniel Zalewski's profile of Werner Herzog in The New Yorker a couple weeks back. Werner Herzog is my new choice to read my book on tape. I used to want James Earl Jones to do it until I re-watched Burden of Dreams. Now Herzog is number one.


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