Friday, April 07, 2006

Fallen Rappers


Fallen Rapper Pez series by Packard Jennings, featuring Tupak, Biggie, and Eazy-E.
This is a bit of a plug since I just interviewed this dude for the upcoming KS issue, but if you check out Jennings' website you can read his letters proposing the Fallen Rapper Pez series to Pez Candy Inc. Good reading, especially on a crappy weather day like today. Lots of giggles to be had. Check it here:

Or, you can check out his Oakland bus stop ads + Office Pamphlets at this show:
March 30th-May 6th, 2006.
Catharine Clark Gallery, 49 Geary, 2nd Floor.
San Francisco, CA


Blogger Fanny Sink said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, T-Go on the bloggio! 'Tis a good sandwich, I hear-io!

(Pardon my rhymes, I've been at the Stork Club for at least an hour too many)

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