Sunday, April 02, 2006

Editorial favorites of the week after the week after Saint Patrick's day

It's a little hard to sype with two cats on your legs at the same time, but this is what I do for you, Kitchen Sink Magazine. This is all for you.

1) Northern Exposure: A show I didn't really watch when it aired, due to the fact that I didn't have a television at the time (and back then I was coincidentally a much better person), but I've become addicted to marathons of the DVD's, including the newly released season 4, which is the last decent season, I hear, before the show went downhill. It's the kinder version of Twin Peaks.

2) Italics.
I remember being in college and typing essays on a borrowed Mac Classic and not knowing how to make italics. Those were tough days.

3) Minestrone. Because the Bay Area has apparently turned into Portland in the last month (26 straight days of rain... 26 straight days of rain...), soup is the only thing keeping some of us going.

4) Big Love, HBO. Bill Paxton plays a polygamist married to three wives, including Chloe Sevingy in awful prarie-mama outfits. I think everytime they have a kissing scene, he imagines he's tasing Vincent Gallo's wang. The show's good anyway, especially Harry Dean Stanton as the cult leader.

5) Junebug. A lot of the movie was kind of crappy, but I keep repeating, "That's the retard painter she likes". At random moments, that line is genius.

6) Tara Goe's art show at Mills. Our staff writer and resident cutie had the most interesting piece in the whole damn gallery.

7) Hoodies. Hanging in there for many weeks in a row. Hoodies have saved me from having to buy an unbrella after mine broke this week. Plus, you can totally wear a hoody over a bra and no one even knows.

9) Stash teas Double Bergamot Earl Grey. Because double the bergamot = double the number of times you can recycle the tea bag.

10) Cabin fever. No, not the crappy horror film, the condition we are all rapidly developing. This is why my sister in Portland has to sit in front of a light panel for an hour a day. Also, it's kind of like the years I spent in Olympia all over again, minus the crazy boyfriend and Luck Lager cases.


Blogger Fanny Sink said...

I loveed Northern Exposure back in the day, but now all I can remember is my frustration with Maggie for being friends with Chris, and not repeatedly jumping his bones. Seriously, I used to holler at the screen every time the two of them stood at the edge of the town together, yammering about some platonic pontificatory nonsense, as they were wont to do. "Just fuck him, Maggie! Damn it!!" That's what I would scream. I was a strange lady. Not anymore, tho.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

i miss northern exposure in the worst way. it was my "program" when i was younger. i couldn't get enough.

4:58 PM  
Blogger kaya_oakes said...

I think it's okay to admit Chris in the Morning was hot. Then he showed up on Sex in the City looking like 10 kinds of ass, then left that show, then came back again looking totally hot. That guy is like a hotness chameleon.

Four seasons on DVD... it's ridiculous how many nights last week I stayed up until ungodly hours watching that show.

5:32 PM  
Blogger jeff t. johnson said...

i hit the first 3 seasons hard last year, just totally crushing on it. i miss that pre-millennial onscreen sexual tension. i have half a mind to rent some moonlighting tho since then i've become willis-intolerant.


9:07 PM  
Blogger idiolect said...

I found Chris incredibly off-putting with his pseudo-philosophical SNAG act, in a similar way to how I loathed Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites and ever after. That was a big reason why I couldn't watch that show more than once or twice. That kind of guy is like my nemesis/antithesis. Ugh.

5:21 PM  
Blogger kaya_oakes said...

What the heck is a SNAG?

Plus, we're talking looks here, not brains. The sermonizing is totally fast-forward material.

J.T.J.: Moonlighting went down the toilet so fast after they did it. Why can't The OC sustain that kind of sexual tension?

5:40 PM  
Blogger idiolect said...

Sensitive New Age Guy. Again I say thee, ugh.

6:12 PM  
Blogger jeff t. johnson said...

i find chris pretty annoying too, but i get through it by pretending that he's sublimating murderous desires into his sensitive autodidact routine. pretend like everything he says is actually a perverted expression of rage, and you'll see what i mean.

and yeah, i learned a lesson with moonlighting, during its original run: savor the onscreen tension, and secretly root against the hookup.

11:31 AM  
Blogger tmgoe said...

"northern exposure" was totally my show in middle school. i actually had a bigtime crush on dr. joel fleishman...this seems really wrong...but then again, when i was four i had a crush on bob barker of "the price is right." eck.

ps- thanks for the kudos:-) i never want to touch another piece of paper in my life...

9:54 PM  

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