Thursday, March 30, 2006

noise fizzle

i wrote some stuff for this year's noise pop guide, and was reimbursed with tickets to shows i wrote about. so, monday i went to see the flaming lips at bimbo's, which, despite being on monday night, was pretty thrilling. the last time i saw the lips was at the greek theater, so bimbo's was a really cozy environment. wayne coyne and his somewhat indifferent, zoned out bandmates were clearly used to playing much larger venues, and after a singalong, wayne said something about how even tho there were only 600 people in the place, it sounded like 5000. which made me wonder if, when he orders biggie fries, he thinks, well, even tho it's only a pound of fries, it seems like a giant bowl of fries.

they were good, tho.

i also had tickets for tuesday's deadboy and the elephantmen show, and last night's dirtbombs show. i was not up for tuesday's show after being out late monday, but i was ready to rock last night. i walked to macarthur bart to get to sf early enough to grab some food, preparing for an epic solo outing of in the red action. in the station, i met george chen, who shook his head and said bart broke. i guess there was an electrical problem and the doors weren't opening or something, and there was gonna be over an hour delay before the next sf train.

i went home, watched the rest of arturo ripstein's deep crimson, an extremely fucked up movie, then went and rented shampoo and stripes, which i keep wanting to call reds.

so much for noise pop.


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